Manchester Social Chess Club

The informal Manchester Chess Club for ALL Manchester chess enthusiasts

What’s in it for you?

Beginners / People who know the moves / People who haven’t played for years

It has never been easier to get into playing chess. The internet has revolutionised how people play and ANY player can quickly get to play a player of similar standard online.

However, the best way to learn is by learning from more experienced players, meeting them, playing them and talking to them.

The club is a friendly easy-going environment and we’re always happy to help people who’d like to know more.
And hopefully we’re fun too.

Casual Players

Many people play infrequently with friends/family or play online.

Playing online is fantastic, but isn’t necessarily a great social experience (especially if your anonymous opponent turns into blue-mouthed troll as soon as they start losing).

The club is a great place to learn more, will be fun and can act as a bridge to playing rated competitive games.

Club/Rated Players

We play off season. We’re free. We’re friendly. There is no commitment or hassle. MSCC can be light-hearted alternative to playing rated games, and an opportunity to learn and improve.

There is free informal coaching and a great chance to get in some over-the-board practice before those crunch matches!


The club is a great chance to help bring back chess back to the heart of Greater Manchester and have a genuine Manchester Chess Club.

As a weekly gathering of chess players, it will be what we as Manchester’s chess enthusiasts make of it. Please come along and see what you think!

Photo of fun chess pieces


"Chess is a sea in which a gnat may drink and an elephant may bathe" - Proverb of unknown origin (possibly Indian)